Shy Dance-Floor

3 week intervention in a foot-tunnel in Hagen, Germany, 2015

A dance-floor that only exists when no-one is there


(photo :

In the shadows of a pedestrian under-pass, the approaching viewer sees a set of under-floor lights twinkling in the darkness. As they draw nearer, the viewer discovers a 70’s under-lit dance-floor pulsing silently to an unheard rhythm. Just as the viewer is about to enter the tunnel though, the lights vanish.









All that is left behind is a normal looking tiled walkway and a drab inert floor.

If the viewer stays very still though, the apparition returns – bathing them in a warm pulsating glow from bygone era. However, if the viewer attempts to dance (or makes just the slightest of moves), the pulsing dance-floor once more vanishes.

(Video from viewer)

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