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Shepherd’s Pie

The Black Spot…

Erratic Dreams

An Alien Arrives

Notes from 0ยบ00 Navigation part 2

Kings Cross Writing



The Greatest Happiness of the Greatest Number

Brains and Knees


Sheep and Bypasses

A Murder


The Cheapest Room in London



Screen on the Green

A Broken Tooth

Better Scenery

Accident (writing)

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Liverpool Diaries

Thing no.47: Passport

Thing no.46: Bank card

Thing no.45: Mobile phone

Thing no.44: GPS tracker

Thing no.43: Palm-Pilot

Thing no.42: Sunglasses

Thing no.41: Palm-Pilot

Thing no.40: Mobile phone

Thing no.39: Palm-Pilot

Thing no.38: Camera

Thing no.37: Ctlr key

Thing no.36: Two wallets, mobiles, Palm-Pilots

Thing no.34: Sun-cream

Thing no.33: Dog toy

Thing no.32: Laptop

Thing no.31: Book

Thing no.30: Wallet

Thing no.29: Many sticks

Thing no.28: Keys

Thing no.27: Pebble

Thing no.26: Filofax

Thing no.25: Bicycle seat

Thing no.24: Mobile Phone