Video Interviews

May 2019

Short film commissioned by Wellcome for An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity at Naturkunde Museum, Berlin.
Director/Camera/producer: Barry Gibb, Editor: Daryl Hopkins.

“Simon Faithfull: exploring our relationship with animals:
In his artist residency, Simon Faithfull questioned the relationships between humans and animals, and our attempts to group the latter in rigid scientific systems. Simon portrays his experiences of the world through video, digital drawing, installations and writing. For Contagious Cities, he created an installation using 80 bird specimens and 120 of his own drawings. ‘An Arbitrary Taxonomy of Birds’ explores our attempts to categorise animals and questions our relationship with the natural world and zoonotic disease.
This work was exhibited at the Museum für Naturkunde in Berlin from May to September 2019.”


August 2014

Short film made for REEF at Fabrica, Brighton.

Courtesy of Fabrica. Credit: Ben Harding, Tom Thistlethwaite, Laurence Hill.


May 2012

Short film made for the exhibition of An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity, at Phoenix Square Digital Media Center. Credit: Melanie Möller.


June 2011

An interview for ArtQuest, with Simon Faithfull, discussing his experiences with copyright law. Credit: ArtQuest, London.


March 2010

An interview for Recent Findings at the Harris Museum, as part of the Abandon Normal Devices Festival.