LOST is a sculpture made with the ghosts of absent objects, an inventory of missing things.



500 copies of the bookwork LOST were deliberately ‘lost’ around the small a small town in England. Each copy was individually numbered and finders were encouraged to record their discovery on a website before releasing the book back into the world. To see the paths that this first release of books made through space and time please visit¬†here.

Over a period of 39 years many things have been lost but continue or continued to exist in the world without their former owner. The LOST bookwork is a simple but extensive inventory, Рa book that catalogues missing objects and recounts the strange stories of their individual departures.

In June 2006, Lost was deliberately left around the town of Whitstable, on the south-east coast of England. The publication appeared each day on benches, in pubs, by the seashore and on the various forms of public transport that were leaving the area (trains, planes and buses).

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