Parallel Lines

Live drawings appearing as vinyl transfer images added iteratively to a bus 2005



Parallel Lines confused two simultaneous journeys. Visitors to ‘Beacon’ travelled by coach to various sites around the Lincolnshire countryside. As the viewers travelled through the Lincolnshire countryside they looked out through windows covered with drawings sent from a journey simultaneously happening on the other side of Europe. Travelling from Berlin to Helsinki and then on to north of Finland (in search of the Northern Lights), Faithfull made one drawing for each of Beacon’s open days. Using a Palm-Pilot as a crude sketchpad, Faithfull transmitted these drawings back to Lincolnshire where they were transferred onto the outside of the coach’s windows (using the standard sign-shop technique of vinyl transfer). As the drawings accumulated over the weeks they reinforced the state of disorientation and flux that an increasingly mobile world produces.

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