The Cambridge Erratics

Permanent Public Art Commission for Cambridge University, 2017

Looking for a boulder in ‘Wadim Rum’, Jordan

A series of boulders from around the planet will be transported to Cambridge, UK and balanced on buildings across the ‘New Museum Site’ of Cambridge University. ‘The Cambridge Erratics’ is a complex permanent public artwork that will unfold slowly over the next ten years.



Drawings from the journey to ‘Wadim Rum’, Jordan


An ‘Erratic’ is a term from geology describing a boulder or stone that has been transported into a geography where it does not actually belong. Most often created through the action of glaciers, ‘Erratics’ often sit precariously on the landscape – having been transported hundreds of miles and then slowly lowered by the receding glacier into an alien context.

The permanent artwork: ‘The Cambridge Erratics’ will create a series of artificial erratics at the heart of Cambridge, UK. Erratic #1 was sourced from ‘Wadi Rum’ in the kingdom of Jordan and is currently en-route to Cambridge. The link below reveals a live shipping map showing the current location of the boulder as it travels by container-ship to the UK. When it finally arrives in Cambridge it will be installed on the ledge of a building in ‘Bene’t Yard’ to become a permanent part of Cambridge University. A stainless-steel plaque, etched with a map and text, will reveal the long, slow journey that the rock has made from the Jordanian desert to the wind and rain of Cambridge.