Quenanville as Antipode

81 photos presented as carousel slideshow, 2014


A walk around the perimeter of a tiny island, displaced by 12,742km to the exact other side of the planet.

Quenanville is a tiny hamlet near Cherbourg, in France. The only exceptional thing about this location is that it lies on the exact opposite side of the planet to Antipode Island (700Km south-east of New Zealand). If one was to dig directly through the Earth, the main island of Antipode would emerge just off the coast of Cherbourg in the English Channel. However, there is one small rock that lies off the Antipode group that does map onto the French countryside. Transposed through the centre of the Earth this 500m long rock falls exactly onto the tiny village of Quenanville.


In August 2014, a walk was made through the fields of Quenanville in France. Using GPS and a smartphone, a white-shirted figure exactly follows the perimeter a rock on the edge of the Antarctic Ocean. A carousel slideshow of 81 images documents the figure as he negotiates barns, gardens, roofs and a number of French fields.


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