The Accident Book Project

Accident Book is a sculpture made with echoes of all the mishaps that have occurred in one person’s life.




Accident Book catalogues the moments when a body lets you down in some way – falling off bicycles, power-tool slips, car crashes or DIY mishaps. Each short description of an accident is paired with an anatomical drawing of the guilty body part – drawn from life in the UCL Anatomy Department.

500 bookworks were printed and then deliberately left in Accident and Emergency waiting rooms across London. The books slowly made their way out into the world as the waiting patients discovered them amongst the copies of Hello! and Readers Digests. Encouraged on the first page to take the volume away, the patients were also asked to register their book online and enter the reason for their own visit to A&E.

Over time the the Accident Book project grew to become a small inventory of stories of pain, slapstick and mistakes.

The patients’ stories can be seen here:

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