The REEF Project

The project REEF began on August 4th, 2014 off the coast of Portland, UK when a small boat called the Brioney Victoria was towed out to sea before being deliberately set on fire and then sinking. Five cameras mounted onboard transmitted live video to the world via the web as the boat made its final journey to the bottom of the sea – where they then continued to transmit for a further six days. The video-feed from another realm documented the beginning of a process of transformation – a slow metamorphosis from defunct vessel at the end of its life to the creation of an artificial reef.

A body of work came out of this original live performance including an immersive, multi-screen video-installation that premiered in Fabrica (Brighton) as part of Brighton Photo Biennial and later at the Musee de Beaux Arts (Calais) and FRAC Basse Normandy (Caen). Other works include a single screen version of the video, a self-portrait taken in the bridge of the Brioney Victoria and a performative lecture 13 Fathoms.

At a later date, the REEF project will be extended to create REEF part 2 – the video documenting of the reef as it has evolved over a number years.