Many artworks - but actually nowhere near all

Iceland Experiments

Sampling The Breath of an Island

Starlight Twin no.1

Starlight Twin no.1

Entanglements (Ouessant)

Collaboration With An Ant

Collaboration With an Ant 5

8 B.P.M.

19 Planes Landing (+3 Airports)

Orbital #2: Berlin

The Erratics

Erratic Dreams

Self-Portrait: Florida Bay

An Arbitrary Taxonomy of Birds

Self-Portrait: Everglades

Reenactment for a Future Scenario #2: Cape Romano

Earthscape no.1: Wadi Rum

Voyages Within 100m of My Bed

Earth Spin #1: Grafenegg

Going Nowhere 1.5

Viewing Device for the Planet

Shy Dance-Floor

123 Steps Above Cambridge

Ouse Navigation

An Atlas of Subjectivity

Sea Level

Notes from 0º00 Navigation part 2

0º00 Navigation Part II

Quenanville as Antipode


Self-Portrait – Wreck of the Brioney Victoria, -25m

13 Fathoms

The REEF Project

Buster Keaton & The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics

Reenactment for a Future Scenario #1: EZY1899

An Expanding Atlas of Subjectivity

Kings Cross Writing


Going Nowhere 2

Drawings As An Atlas

Direct From This Window

Liverpool - Lime St. Station

Liverpool - video

Liverpool - lecture

Accident (writing)

0º00 Navigation Part I


The Accident Book Project

Accident Book

Mobile Research Station no.1

Mobile Research Station no.1

Fake Moon

Shy Fountain

Aurora Borealis (Unseen)

Liverpool Diaries

Gravity Sucks

Gravity Sucks

Lea Navigation – DCMS


LOST (writing)

Postcards from Berlin

Ice Blink

Parallel Lines

175ft above Birmingham

Ice Blink


Still from '...Stromness...'


Still from '44'

Antarctica Diaries

Self Portrait Antarctica

Escape Vehicle no.7

Escape Vehicle no.7


Escape Vehicle no.6

Escape Vehicle no.6





Orbital #1: London

Half Life

Airstrip no.1

Inverse Map

Hertford Union


Namibian Termites

Escape Vehicle no.3

Escape Vehicle no.4

Escape Vehicle no.4

Escape Vehicle no.5

Escape Vehicle no.5

Miscellaneous Texts

Escape Vehicle no.2

Old website…

Going Nowhere 1

Escape Vehicle no.1