Space Car Proposal

Proposal to send a car into geostationary orbit.



[…many miles…]



Response to an invitation from Sally Barker to submit an idea for her hypothetical museum ‘The Sally Barker Gallery’.

“I would like to take this opportunity to realize a project on a scale that I have hitherto been unable to contemplate. Only a gallery with the vast resources, immense indulgence, and remarkable vision of the Sally Barker organisation could facilitate what I would like to propose.

I would to place my MkII Ford Escort Ghia a in a geo-stationary orbit directly above the SBG . The car will be tethered to the SBG by a single, extremely long cable*. The cable will pass trough the roof of the space and attach to large bolt in the gallery floor.

From a socket in the gallery space a power cable will run across the floor and then up the tethering cable. This will ultimately connect to the car in space and enable the cars headlights to remain burning and the radio playing.

From the ground it will not be possible to see the car but approaching the earth from space it should serve as a beacon proclaiming that the planet below is one of culture and intelligence.

*For this proposal I anticipate the development of super-strong single molecule carbon cable.”


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