#1 Kreuzberg, N 52 29.280, E 13 22.336

In the summer the no-man’s-land by the S-Bahn tracks is a secret garden. Follow the path off the main road, through the thick undergrowth, past a derelict building and eventually you emerge into a sunlit oasis – Berlin invisible behind the dense trees. White sand has been imported, a makeshift bar constructed and music drifts across the 16 beach volleyball courts - every now and then an S-Bahn train rumbling past on its way to the centre.
Now though chunks of ice have been lying on the pavement for weeks. I've never thought of water as a proper solid before - ice is supposed to be something that is there in the morning or comes from the fridge – a fragile temporary condition not a stable rock form... I’ve seen ice landscapes in far-flung places but never seen it take over a city.