A small selection of essays


Brian Dillon: Sinking, Feeling

Photoworks, Issue 21, 2014

Rachel Steward: Blue Sky Thinking in a Post-Astronautic Present

'Alternative Worlds: Blue Sky Thinking since 1900'. Ed. Ricarda Vidal and Ingo Cornils. Peter Lang International, Bern, 2015

Jason Farman: Performances of Asynchronous Time: Introduction

Mobile Interface Theory: Embodied Space and Locative Media, 2012

Steven Bode: Going Nowhere

Publication: 'Going Nowhere', Film & Video Umbrella, 2009

Lisa le Feuvre: ’44′

Publication: 'Going Nowhere', Film & Video Umbrella, 2009

Robert Macfarlane: Simon Faithfull: 0º00 Navigation

Publication: 'Going Nowhere', Film & Video Umbrella, 2009

Alain de Botton: Aurora Borealis (unseen)

Going Nowhere, Film and Video Umbrella, 2009

Martin Coomer: Simon Faithfull

52nd Venice Biennale, Catalogue for Artsway Pavilion, 2007

Mark Godfrey: Simon Faithfull

Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing, published by Phaidon, 2006

Donna De Salvo: Virtually Anywhere: Simon Faithfull’s Drawings of Dreamland

Catalogue essay for Dreamland at Turner Contemporary , 2003

Sally O'Reilly: Road Works

Catalogue essay for Psychtopography at Artsway, Hampshire, UK, 2002

R.J. Preece: Interrupted Narratives (Interview: Simon Faithfull)

World Sculpture News, 5(3), 35-7 in 1999